The Tinder Swindler: True story off how Simon Leviev conned women away from many

The Tinder Swindler: True story off how Simon Leviev conned women away from many

You are constantly cautioned to be careful about the person you can meet into dating software, as there are no finest illustration of which supposed wrong than just Netflix’s The new Tinder Swindler.

Simon Leviev, aka Shimon Yehuda Hayut, ‘s the main hustler in the Netflix’s newest genuine-crime documentary, which comes beautiful on the heels of another based on good conman, This new Puppet Learn.

There are a lot of similarities anywhere between Simon and Robert Hendy-Freegard. Each other like the latest excitement regarding a crazy lifestyle, both address feamales in acquisition in order to swipe funds from him or her, and you can they both, frustratingly, are currently 100 % free males even with the crimes.

On the Tinder Swindler, about three lady been forward with the very own horrifying stories off exactly how it dropped for Simon’s appeal.

Who’s the true Simon Leviev?

Shimon Yehuda Hayut is a specialist hustler which changed his title to Simon Leviev in the 2017 so you’re able to appear regarding ‘King regarding Diamonds’ millionaire, Lev Leviev.

In reality, he’s nothing to would into real Leviev nearest and dearest. Nevertheless identity retains like lbs, particularly if your Google they, that it was adequate to seem like their elegant lifetime was funded of the “family” currency.

Actually, he is inspired by a very humble records when you look at the Tel Aviv, Israel. In the event that Tinder Swindler group made an effort to tune his family history, their mom revealed she had not viewed Simon since the he was 18.

At that decades he fled Israel once to get need to own scam. He was implicated in 2011 away from stealing cheques off a manager. The guy don’t sit in their judge date and you will kept the country into the a great forged passport.

Within the 2015, Simon offered three years inside the a beneficial Finland prison to own resentful fraud. He’d stolen money from about three women immediately after claiming he had been in the guns business prior to getting cash from their store.

He was upcoming sent back in order to Israel, in which he fled again ahead of his judge time that have altered his identity in order to Leviev. Into the he met the original lady whom seems on Tinder Swindler.

How Simon targeted their subjects

Because identity means, Simon do will meet his purpose towards the Tinder, finding their interest which have a profile boasting want clothes and you will a great five-celebrity lifestyle in addition to individual jets and you can admiration products.

He would love his objectives, shelling out thousands with the intimate body gestures, luxury lodging and you will vacation overseas. After a few days, the guy pulled the carpet out from not as much as them, saying he had been in big trouble due to the dangerous nature out-of the fresh new diamond business.

Simon manage posting pictures and you may video clips out of his cover shield, Peter, washed out in the back of a keen ambulance, claiming a-try was generated on his lives.

Requesting the ladies render him a credit card temporarily inside their label, however vow to pay this lady right back, prior to he had a need to sit underneath the radar and you may off-grid to possess concern with their lives.

Assuming the guy its met with the dollars after what they got knowledgeable which have your, and you can frightened for his protection, the women do assist in which he perform start racking up tall bills inside their title before pushing them to publish a lot more.

Often he’d pay back some of the charges since the a beneficial mark of great trust, however, primarily he’d create financial transfer invoices, saying he would sent the cash and blaming the lending company to have weak so you can run the transaction.

Historically he became need much more than simply seven regions on plan, but turned-out almost impossible to track due to playing with other people’s playing cards and his uniform moving. He was sooner desired of the Interpol.

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